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What Is Java

Java is high-level programming language that is developed by James Ghosling,Partrick Naughton at Microsystem in 1995 , it took 18 months to develop and initially name Oak and then it renamed Java in 1995

Java is platform independent language which mean it can run on any operating system like window,Linux or mac operating system as long as interpreter is available on that system

Editions in Java

1 Java SE (Java Standard Edition)

it provide to tool like API that is used to create desktop application and applet

2 Java JEE (Java Enterprise Edition )

It is used to create web application

3 Java JME (Java Macro Edition )

It is used to develop software for devices such as mobile phone,tv set,washing machine etc

First Program

public class Apple{
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("My First Program");

OutPut :

My First Program

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