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What is Wireless Communication?

Wireless communication was introduced in the 19th century.

Wireless communication is a type of data communication in which information is transmitted and received between two or more devices without any use of wire or cable.

The transmitted distance can be anywhere between a few meters to thousands of kilometers.

It uses electromagnetic signals like IR, RF etc to transfer data.

Type of wireless communication technology:-

1 Cellular telephones

2 Satellite communication

3 Broadcast Radio

4 Wi-Fi

5 Bluetooth

Advantages of wireless communication:-

1 Easy to install.

2 Data can be transmitted faster and with a high speed.

3 Users can share files with other devices that are connected to the network without the use of any cable.

4 Cost effectiveness-Reduce cost of cables, maintenance etc.

5 Durability.

6 Global coverage.

Disadvantages of wireless communication:-

1 Security - unauthorized person can easily access wireless signals.

2 Power consumption.

3 Range will be insufficient for large structures.

Types of wireless devices:-

1 Wireless routers

2 Wireless printers

3 Wireless adaptors

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